Pub Guide

The number of pubs serving craft beers probably runs into the millions worldwide and there are many thousands in the United Kingdom alone.

Every city in Britain, and many towns and villages too, will have a number of taverns where you’ll find a range of ales to suit most tastes.

But which pub to visit first? With over 187,000 members around the world, the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) provides probably the best guide to finding a good pint in the UK.

CAMRA members include not simply real ale enthusiasts and regular pub-goers, but also sociable members, who want to meet like-minded individuals, often at CAMRA festivals. CAMRA also represents those who wish to learn more about beers and brewing and those value-seekers who appreciate the discounts and special offers we can provide.

If anyone knows where to find a good pint CAMRA members do!

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